UPAY Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make a student account or MU Health Care patient account payment on this site?
No. This site allows external customers to pay invoices generated from the University of Missouri's central billing system. Please use the following links to submit a student or MU Health Care payment:

            University of Missouri-Columbia
            University of Missouri-Kansas City
            Missouri University of Science and Technology
            University of Missouri-St. Louis
            MU Health Care

Questions about your invoice?
Please contact the department listed on your invoice if you have any questions about your bill.
The contact information printed on my invoice is incorrect. How can I update it?
Please send the updated information to the department listed on your invoice. They will initiate the update in our system.

Why do I have to re-enter my payment information every time I pay an invoice?
For security purposes we do not store sensitive payment information.

Why are there additional invoices listed for my customer number? Not all of them belong to me.
Our system displays all open invoices for your customer account. Those not belonging to you are most likely the responsibility of another person within your organization.

Why is my invoice not available to make a payment?
Your invoice may be paid in full or adjusted to a zero balance. The invoice may also meet certain criteria that prevents submission of an online payment. Please contact the department listed on your invoice if you have any questions about the status of your invoice.

I attempted to pay an invoice with my organization's purchasing card but was declined, why?
Purchasing Cards are typically set up to only allow payments to certain vendor types. The University of Missouri is set up with a Merchant Category Code of 8220 (Colleges/Universities) for Visa, Mastercard, and Discover and 691 (B2B Wholesale) for American Express. The transaction may also be blocked due to purchasing amount limits or an incorrect billing address. Please contact your Purchasing Card department to ensure that the category code is not blocked, your transaction limits are sufficient for the transaction, and that the correct address is used.

I would like a refund for a paid invoice. Who should I contact?
Invoice payments are generally non-refundable. Please contact the department listed on your invoice to determine if a refund is applicable.

Other/Contact Information
If you have other questions regarding an invoice payment, please contact mucashmgmt@umsystem.edu. Please reference your customer number and any applicable invoice numbers to allow us to better serve you.

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